product changes

What changed in in the last months?

Secret stuff Match is coming soon!

Workflow and infrastructure

Introduced organisations: it’s easier to work together with your colleagues in one team.

Workflow management: collaboration feature and approval flow.

Advanced user management: new user roles.

Editor’s been rebuilt: copy and paste blocks, keep the original formatting.

Activity logs: revision history. Never lose what you wrote.

Save distributions as a draft, edit distribution after it’s sent and cancel at any time.

New email delivery system: improved deliverability, spam prevention.

Ruby upgrade: the whole tool became faster.

Newsroom features

Custom layout and website integration upon request.

Portfolio newsrooms: link other newsrooms' articles to your own newsroom.

Private newsrooms: hide your newsrooms behind a login.

Search feature in the newsroom.

On-page SEO changes.

Newsroom subscribers option.

CRM / contact management

The whole CRM area has been rebuilt:

  • Easier to get the important information from your contacts in a glance
  • When you click on a contact, it has all the information you want
  • Advanced contact import: import XLS, CSV, copy&paste, Google Drive
  • Migration service from other services
  • Export your data at any time

Support and tutorials