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How your newsroom is optimised for SEO and Social

We have spent a lot of effort in making sure your audiences are able to find your newsroom when they're looking for news about your company, your contact information or your media assets.

Besides, we also made it easy for people to share your content on social media.

Let's take a closer look at some details worth mentioning.

Newsroom optimisation

The following optimisations have been implemented for all newsrooms:

  • all the correct metadata is added to the head tags,
  • the HTML structure has been verified by SEO professionals,
  • the newsrooms have been optimised for mobile.

What's left, then? Your content!

Do you know what they say about content?

Write for humans, and robots will follow.

Lorenzo from pr.co, just now

You can get more tips about writing here, about how to write a release here, and about on-page optimisation here.


We offer a sitemap which includes all our newsrooms, plus a individual sitemap for each separate newsroom, which is constantly being crawled for new content.

This reduces the time for your content to appear in search engines. Sometimes even by several days.

Publishing campaigns

When you publish a campaign in your newsroom, we immediately notify search engines, Google News and send out a tweet on our @prcofeed Twitter feed in order to provide the first outside link to your news.

All of these actions are also expected to trigger regular crawlers.