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Setting the Publish Date for Campaigns

Before you start setting your distributions it's important to plan when you want to your message to be published. The moment your message is published it will appear on your newsroom, be publicly available on the web, emailed to your newsroom followers and search engines will be notified of the new content.

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When I launch my campaign

Publish your message and send optional distributions right after you launch your campaign in the Launch step. This means you will have to manually choose the right time set make all these things happen. Choose this option if you want your message to be published and distributed on a short notice, for example when you don't have time to carefully plan and just want to launch your campaign. Another use case would be when the best time to launch is still uncertain, for example right after something else has been announced or happened.

On a specific date

Schedule your message to be automatically published on a chosen date and time. In the period between the moment your launch your campaign and when it automatically gets published, your message will be available under embargo.

Under embargo

When your message is available under embargo it means that it is only available through a secret link. When you visit your message through this link there is a clear banner explaining your message is under embargo and that it will be published on the date you've chosen. This comes in handy if you'd like to give journalists time to work on their story or when you want to give certain contacts early access. Once your message gets published the secret link will simply redirect to the public link.

Distribution options

When you have chosen On a specific date as the publish date, you'll notice there will be two options on when to send your emails: When I launch my campaign and When my message gets published. Choosing the first option will send the emails directly after you launch your campaign, this means that contacts receiving these emails will be lead to your message under embargo. Choosing the latter option will automatically send the emails right after your message gets published.

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Distributing after the publish date

After your message gets published it is still possible to send out distributions. Please note that they will be sent right after you set them. This comes in handy if you'd like to send a follow-up to contacts that opened your email with further information.


That's all for now, we'll update this article as Publish date evolves. Make sure to let us know if you run into any issues or if you think something is unclear: hello@pr.co!

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