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Set your release settings

The 'Settings' step is a replacement of the old 'Optimise for Web' step. With this step we ask you to think carefully on what your message will look like all across the web. These days your message is bound to end up in more places than just an email inbox. Think social media, RSS feeds, Email newsletters, search engines but also invisible media like Facebook Messenger, Slack and Whatsapp.

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Featured image

This image is to force media to use the image you want them to use. For instance Twitter would use this image every time someone shares your message where otherwise it would use the first image it could find instead. The same principle goes for search engines and social media, but also for your own Newsroom.

Title, Summary & Language

With the freeform editor we ask you to carefully think of a good title and summary. Keep in mind that space is always limited on the web, so keep them snappy and make sure to get your main point across right away. This will really impact whether people will consider reading your message, let alone share it. Make sure your language is set correctly. Otherwise this will hurt the way search engines index your message.

Make this a private release

Sometimes you want to distribute a message but it doesn't feel appropriate for your newsroom. For example, to invite people for a secret opening of a new high-end club, only certain people should receive this message. You can now choose This is a private release so that it simply won't end up on your newsroom and won't be sent to your newsroom followers. 


That's all for now, we'll update this article as the Settings step evolves. Make sure to let us know if you run into any issues or if you think something is unclear: hello@pr.co!