Set up your online newsroom

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Online PR doesn't need to be overwhelming. This is a guide to getting you up and going with as quickly as possible. If you're looking for media coverage for your startup, or for a smarter workflow for your PR agency, you're in the right place! Here starts your journey. In this guide you will learn how to set up your newsroom, create presskits and publish your first campaign. Or, you can just start writing your first campaign right away. If you have any additional questions, you can go through our tour pagescheck the prices or get in touch by email - we'd love to hear from you.

General information

Right after you login you can create your newsroom. The name of the newsroom is the first thing users will see on the top left of the page, together with your logo. The name is usually your company's name, or the product you're launching. After that, set up the subdomain: this is the url where your newsroom will be hosted. You can also customise it. We also need to know what is the language of your newsroom and the timezone.

251208 create newsroom 04b69b original 1497620855 Create-newsroom

Newsroom information

What company is behind this newsroom? The information you provide here will create a boilerplate at the bottom of every news release of this newsroom. Here you can recap what the company does and some contact information, such as address, phone number, etc. The online presence is also important: add your website, LinkedIn page, Twitter handle and any social profile that adds value to your newsroom.

251209 edit newsroom f6fb2c original 1497621023 Edit-newsroom

Add spokespeople

Make sure your readers can find who to contact when they have further questions about your newsroom. Spokespeople's pics come directly from their Twitter profiles, but you can still change them by clicking on the icon. On each campaign you can rearrange the order of your spokespeople.

251210 create spokespeople 9f6dfc original 1497621080 Create-spokespeople

Customize design

There are many ways to customise the design of your newsroom in order to match your online brand. You can upload your logo on a white background, customise the color of the links, upload a background image and even add custom CSS.

251211 design newsroom 2f92f3 original 1497621124 Design-newsroom

Media Library

The Media Library is the central hub for your files: pictures, videos, documents and audio files. Once your files are in the Media library, you can add them to your campaigns and to your presskits with one click.

251218 medis lib 08f7ca original 1497621660 Medis-lib

You can also add videos from an external source - the most common ones are Youtube and Vimeo. Make sure you set the video as public from the original platform - if you change the visibility right before you add it to, it may take up to 24 hours for the video to be available.

251219 media lib vid b71312 original 1497621671 Media-lib-vid

Create a presskit

The presskit is the place where you show rich media related to your brand. Think of logos, product videos, promotional material, pictures of the team. Whatever makes it easy for a journalist to enrich a story. You can group your materials into different presskits.

251215 create presskits newsroom f5923c original 1497621367 Create-presskits-newsroom

Add clippings

With clippings you can easily collect and save all the media coverage you earned. You can add clippings directly from your newsroom or use our browser extension to collect links and screenshots from your moments of fame. Clippings can be linked to a specific campaign and be filtered by language.

251216 create clipping newsroom daa11b original 1497621445 Create-clipping-newsroom

Invite users

Chances are you're not the only one working on a new campaign. Sending drafts back and forth via email is not very convenient: just invite other users to the newsroom and work together. The number of users you can invite to join your newsroom depends on your subscription. You can also decide what kind of access you give them.

Publish a Campaign

Now it's time to write your first campaign! We take care of all the technical details so you can focus on storytelling. You can share a private link of your draft with clients and coworkers to receive feedback before publishing. 

251217 create campaign newsroom 0d2ca6 original 1497621497 Create-campaign-newsroom

Now you're all ready to get started! It's time to create a newsroom: