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6 free ways to make your content visual

We all like to share visuals more than text

According to a research from Ipsos, images are the most shared content online. Here you can find some more data to back this statement.

You can exploit this inclination to achieve your business goals: use images to make readers pay attention quickly, to make comparisons, to suggest and convey emotions. Even if your startup or your business have no visual declinations you can directly use, there are many ways to go visual according to your overall goals.

Please note: we assume you have no money to hire a designer, which would be the preferred way, in a perfect world.

1. Got data?

Organise it in infographics with infogr.am

If you have data you want to show, you should go for an infographic.

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Infogr.am is the coolest tool I found to organize and visualize data. There are lots of possibilities, so take your time to check some examples and understand the best practices.

2. Got ideas only?

Plenty of online design tools out there

If you don’t have any data to show, but still want to give a visual touch to your content, a graphic design tool can help. No need to learn Photoshop.

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My choice is Canva - easy, quick and complete. Do you know what’s even better? It’s fun.

Another super interesting tool you have to check out is Visually, where you leverage the power of their designers community to get stuff done! Here's the result of our first campaign on Visually.

3. Got a presentation?

Share it on Slideshare

Slideshare can be very interesting if you’re aiming at B2B users and have very good content to share. The copy from your presentation is added as text below, so you can attract an interesting audience.

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Just like for your articles, coming up with a catchy title is literally half of the job. You can also look for tips about creating visual content!

4. Got an eye for details?

Curate boards on Pinterest

Pinterest can be a strong tool in your visual marketing strategy for many reasons: it’s very simple to use and focuses on your passions and desires.

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It’s also good to know that 7 out of 10 users are women, and the total amount of users is bigger than Twitter, just to mention one.

5. Just need images?

Get some on Getty Images

The right stock photos can generate strong feelings in your readers and help you set the frame for your content.

You can embed any image from Getty - as long as you don’t use it for commercial purposes. Flickr, too, has a nice section to browse pictures under Creative Commons licenses.

For more sources and tips you can read this guide from CrazyEgg.

6. Got pen & paper?

Draw your own chart

It’s never too late to get creative and draw stuff manually.

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I got fond of this one because I love to see how memes spread across the Internet. Moreover, since I’m Italian, Suarez’s bite also affected me personally :)

What are your favourite tools when it comes to going visual? Let us know @prdotco.