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Why do I need a newsroom?

Ever received a press release email in broken HTML format? Or one filled with typos? Or one with links that don’t work? Or just a very long and boring email?

Like this one:

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Journalists receive press release emails that look like this one all the time. And they absolutely hate it.

We hate it, too. This frustration is the reason we started pr.co.

Our solution begins with a newsroom: a central and publicly accessible place with everything the media needs to know about your company:

  • all the necessary media assets: logos, team pics, product videos, etc.
  • spokespeople's contacts to arrange interviews
  • your company's news, your vision, your culture and your goals.


A few years ago, a bunch of editors at The Next Web became very frustrated. Frustrated, because their whole inbox was filling up with poorly targeted broken HTML emails.

Editors and journalists don’t want to get an email with a press release; they want a pitch. They want to know what news you've got, why it’s important to them and why they shouldn’t miss out on this one.

A landing page for journalists

A press release gets so much more value when you make it easy for the other person to understand quickly if it's something interesting for them. When you add some context.

What else is the media writing about your company? And who is writing about you? So some major news channels already featured your business? Show those clippings!

There's no way to send all of that in an email. A newsroom can function as a landing page for journalists, everything they need to know in one central place. Let’s make it easy for journalists to write about you.

Hi-res images

Many stories are accompanied by beautiful visual material, all of it hi-res. You can do three things:

  1. Attach visual material to your email. One image can be more than 20 MB. Most email clients allow you to upload up to 20mb max. So, that’s one picture per email…
  2. Send them via a sharing service like Dropbox. Of course, there are also file sharing services, but then you’ll need to add a link to the images. Wouldn’t it be nicer to support your story with visual material, in line with the story? And did you know those links can expire?
  3. Or just add them to your press release in your newsroom. Add all of your hi-res images to your press release in your newsroom. Check out this example.

Outlook doesn’t like your fancy emails

I hear you thinking, why don’t I just let my designer make a nicely formatted HTML email?

Sure, those are beautiful. But did you know that Outlook will slowly but surely break your format? And a little over 20% of your recipients will use Outlook.

Also, your designer will have to make a solid, mobile email design for every single press release.

Can you quickly add this to the press release?

You want me to add this… But I just sent it out!” Add your press release to your email, and you’ll never be able to change it. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. It doesn’t care whether there’s a typo in the title, or whether the story changes.

You can always change a press release in a newsroom though!

Sharing = caring

Every time an HTML email is forwarded, it becomes a little bit uglier. More importantly, it becomes a little less readable.

A link, however, is super easy to share. And much easier to track as well. Also, since your newsroom will be available to the public, and therefore Google, you’ll get some Google juice as well. Free readers, without having to distribute it.


You’ve sent out the email to 125 journalists. How many people have read it? 125? But maybe someone shared it?

When you integrate Google Analytics in your newsroom, you’ll be able to see exactly how many people saw it, where they came from, how long they’ve been on the page, whether they checked out other articles, etc.

Not really in the mood to deep-dive into Analytics? No worries, set up a newsroom for pr.co and we’ll send you a complete report after every campaign.

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Questions? Feel free to shoot me an email!

Curious about how your newsroom would look?