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Find any email address

In 5 steps - max!

It’s easy to find anyone’s email address. Really, it just takes some time.

The real problem is:

Why would you need an email address you don’t have?

Elementary, my dear Watson: you want to cold email someone. 

This is the hard part, then. Being able to craft a pitch that is interesting enough to get opened / clicked / replied to / even when the receiver doesn’t know you. This usually takes some homework.

Since finding an email is easy, don’t abuse it. Inboxes are crowded places. 

If you really need to find someone’s email address, here’s what you can do.

1. Google them

Here's a no-brainer: google them. 

Find their personal profile in their company’s website, check their Twitter bio, scan theirAbout.me page. If they share their address publicly, you’ll find it in one of those pages.

2. Mention them in a tweet

Unless you’re addressing a VIP, or some other very busy person, Twitter is a good way to get in touch. 

Ask nicely for an email address and you will probably get it.

3. Contact them on LinkedIn

If you have a PRO account, LinkedIn is the fastest way to get in touch with people out of your network. Just find their profile and send them inmail.

Even if you don’t have a paid account, you can still ask for an introduction if you share a connection. After the first email, you can move the conversation towards your regular inbox.

4. Guess their email address

No luck with Social Media? There’s still something you can try.

Rapportive is a Gmail extension run by LinkedIn. It shows you additional information about the contact you select. Rapportive checks if the email address you select is used all over the Internet and gets back to you with some contact information.

It means that if you guess an email address and Rapportive shows you a face, you guessed right.

Another tool you could use for this is FullContact.

5. Check all the options

If they work for a startup, their email is probably name@website. Other common criteria to create email addresses are:

  • surname@company
  • name.surname@company
  • namesurname@company
  • name(first letter of surname)@company

Rob Ousbey from Distilled created an online spreadsheet which comes in handy when in need of suggestions. Check it out.

As you can see, it’s very easy to get in touch with strangers on the Internet. It’s harder to pique their interest for good reasons.

Please keep in mind that cold emailing someone is like showing up at their place uninvited. There's only one general rule:

Respect other people’s time and privacy.

Sincerely, everyone