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Integrate Google Analytics in your newsroom

Check everything about your acquisition channels, unique views and visitors' demographics in your Google Analytics account - as if your newsroom was just another website of yours.

What are the steps to integrate Google Analytics?

  • Sign in to Google Analytics, click Admin in the orange bar and choose your account. Click on Property > Create new property in the Property table.
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  • Enter the Property Name and the full URL of your pressroom - e.g. http://press.example.com or http://example.pr.co if you don't use a custom domain - select your time zone and click the Get Tracking ID button. Do not select https://.
  • Copy your Tracking ID. It starts with UA-. This is the code that you're going to enter in the pressroom settings.
  • Sign in to your pr.co account, go to the Basic Information tab of your pressroom, and paste your ID in the Add your own Google Analytics code field.
  • Save, and you're done!


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