How to remove this content

How to delete a release

You can delete any release from your account directly: there's an option to delete it from the drop-down menu in the pressroom overview. 

How to delete a newsroom

A newsroom, on the other hand, can be archived from the "Newsrooms" tab in your account settings. This means it will no longer accessible online, and will be removed from your subscription. You can add it back online at any time from the same page.

How to delete a presslist / a segment?

You can delete a segment by visiting the segment overview page of your presslist. Your presslist is a container for all of your organisation's contacts and segments, and as such cannot be deleted. If you'd like to remove all the contacts from your presslist, get in touch and we'll do it for you.

How to remove a link from another newsroom

Sometimes you may find content you want to remove in another newsroom hosted by The first thing to do is to ask the owner of the newsroom to remove the content via email. If the email address is not shown in the newsroom, you can ask us to provide it. We cannot alter any content placed by third parties, but we may decide to hide the content from search engines under specific circumstances.