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How to publish in different languages

You can handle multiple languages in a few different ways. Here are a few options available:

Everything in one newsroom:

Manage your content in different languages in one newsroom. You'll be able to filter and share the content in your newsroom by language.

One newsroom per country:

Keep your languages separated by splitting your newsroom. Each newsroom is then dedicated to a country (or area).

Global package:

Working with multiple teams and agencies across borders is always tricky. With Global, you get a tailored solution to manage media assets across all your countries and streamline complicated workflows in the most effective way.

Do PR in half the time

We started this company to scratch our own itch, as publishers. It’s now grown to a full PR toolkit with killer features we couldn’t dream of. It makes everyone’s work shorter, easier, and hell, better.

Patrick de Laive
Co-founder, The Next Web

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