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Technical details

All the newsrooms are available over IPv6.


Our servers are managed through industry-standard solutions. Services like databases, caching, API and the web servers run independently: this makes the system robust and stable. In case of extra traffic peaks we can easily scale our capacity up wherever we see bottlenecks in order to meet demand within minutes (if not seconds).

Technology & Reliability

All newsroom pages are being cached: this means our web servers won’t have to render the full webpage every time someone visits a page but instead remembers the page and quickly serves that version as long as it isn't updated. This dramatically increases the amount of pageviews we can handle. 

Benchmarks & Traffic

We frequently run tests on our servers to measure the stability and capacity and could easily handle hundreds of concurrent requests for thousands of webpages at a time. We run these tests on our ‘heaviest’ pages with caching disabled. Our newsrooms are designed to handle large amounts of traffic.


Our average uptime has been a stable 99.99% for months and we have multiple alarms checking this every second to notify our tech team whenever we see a problem in uptime so we can solve as soon as possible. You can see the uptime of all our newsrooms combined here.

Do PR in half the time

We started this company to scratch our own itch, as publishers. It’s now grown to a full PR toolkit with killer features we couldn’t dream of. It makes everyone’s work shorter, easier, and hell, better.

Patrick de Laive
Co-founder, The Next Web

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