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24 Productivity Habits of Successful people

These are the history’s most successful people. Being so successful, they must have failed more than others.

They must have found how to make it work - in how they lived, their routines, their failures and their habits.

Let’s look for their formula for success, the tips and tricks they used to be successful at what they did best.

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Life doesn't bend to your schedule. Find the time.

W. A. Mozart
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Find the place where you work best. Make it your 'cell'.

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Don't be afraid to deviate from your schedule.

Benjamin Franklin
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Distractions are no excuse. Learn to cope.

Jane Austen
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Set a time for concentrated work.

Thomas Mann
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Have a goal - die trying.

Karl Marx
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Keep track of your output. Kidding yourself is for amateurs.

Ernest Hemingway
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Time constraints sharpen the mind.

F. Scott Fitzgerald
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There is no ideal environment to work in.

William Faulkner
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Guard your first draft with your life.

Charles Darwin
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Stay in the zone, whatever it takes.

Pablo Picasso
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James Joyce
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Don't work places just to be seen

Agatha Christie
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Bleed the hours of your life, if your work is worth it.

Louis Armstrong
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Embrace the loneliness

Maya Angelou
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Walking restores your soul

Charles Dickens
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Inspiration is everywhere. Carry a notebook.

Victor Hugo
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Find your zen.

Herman Melville
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Never miss a day.

Leo Tolstoy
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Find what works for you, and exploit it.

Mark Twain
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Time melts when you find your purpose.

Vincent Van Gogh
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When you hit upon a moment of clarity, don't let it go.

Alexander Graham Bell
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Don't cheat. It'll get you in the end.

Ayn Rand
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Habit is the bed of creativity. Tuck yourself in.

Stephen King

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